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When you’ve already tried everything, why TPOD?

You don’t need another consultant; you need a culture change. The Practice of Distinction (TPOD) is not another dental consulting group. We are an experienced team of professionals with diverse expertise in business management, communications and relationships, marketing, and finance. Because of our own experiences in the healthcare industry, we understand the demands of being a healthcare practitioner – and we’re here to help.

Our integrated, hands on approach helps organizations create thriving, high-energy cultures where employees want to work and clients want to receive service. We don’t simply evaluate your practice to identify the problems – rather, we coach with practical solutions to help you overcome your challenges. We don’t offer a checklist or generic solution that is applied to every situation. Instead, we get to know you, understand your challenges, and together we build a strategy for overcoming your specific obstacles to success. Each dental practice faces unique challenges, and so TPOD develops unique solutions that are custom tailored for your needs.

Think of us as your personal team of coaches – we offer tremendous resources to help you grow your practice while offering the encouragement you need to grow as a leader. The ultimate goal for each client is to develop a practice that is distinct from its competition and efficient in its daily operations, allowing our clients less stress, improved communication, more free time and more money.

We firmly believe that you should invest in your most valuable asset with the greatest potential return on investment – your practice. We help you achieve the results that you’ve hoped for and beyond. By implementing minor adjustments in management strategy, we help you create the results you thought unattainable. We have the testimonials (link here) and statistics to demonstrate that our methods work. Our average practice experiences a 35% increase in profitability in its first year working with TPOD. 95% of our practices have had their best years ever, even in a down economy, over the past 3 years.

We invite you to discover the difference in the TPOD approach. Call today to schedule your practice analysis – satisfaction guaranteed or you don’t pay.


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