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Why is a Coach essential to your Dental Practice Management?

Our dedicated professional coaches are ready to work closely with you and your team to help you produce results thought unimaginable by ordinary means. We will provide a program that will take care of you and your staff, allowing you to control the practice and not have the practice control you. As a result, none of your patients will be denied the quality care you provide for them.

The Practice of Distinction is a postgraduate training program that teaches dentists and their teams the essential skills they need to run a profitable and thriving practice. The Training University provides an unparalleled combination of training, personal coaching, management and support systems designed to enhance the personal, professional and financial lives of dentists and their teams. As a member of the Training University, you’ll learn how to develop a sound business plan, lead an energized team and successfully attract the patients you want.

The Practice of Distinction takes an integrated, hands-on approach to making certain that what you learn, you put to use.
Our Implementation Coach is there to provide additional in-house training to assist in adapting the material to fit your practice.

As a result, The Training University will give you new control over your practice, enabling you to:

  • Run your practice like a smart, successful business
  • Enjoy increased profits with less work and less stress
  • Experience measurable improvements in your practice
  • Create a more satisfying life