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The Practice of Distinction does a 21 point analysis and evaluation of your practice
List Price: $2500

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Take advantage of having experienced outside eyes help you make valuable distinctions in your practice to stimulate growth, profitability, and increase overall satisfaction in your day-to-day activities. 803.750.9695

We will evaluate:
  1. Business Overhead
  2. Overall Profitability
  3. Business Productivity
  4. Procedure Analysis
  5. Fee Analysis
  6. Hygiene Profitability
  7. New Patient Experience
  8. Schedule effectiveness
  9. Recare Effectiveness
  10. Collections
  11. Managing Dental Benefit Plans
  12. Business Plans for Wealth Building
  13. Marketing for Effectiveness
  14. Communication – Bridging Realities
  15. Vision / Goals – What we really intend
  16. Bonus Opportunities
  17. Accounts Receivable – The Leak
  18. Influence and Enrollment of Treatment
  19. Culture of the Team Mindset
  20. GAPS in Results
  21. Exit Strategies / Transitions / Sales
What We Will Provide:

A visit to your practice to take a look at why and how things may be slowing down.
A SPECIFIC SOLUTION from EXPERIENCED outside eyes designed for:

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