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What’s in a culture?

Culture refers to the norms of an organization – “the way things are done”. Culture is continually reflected in the patterns of thinking, the patterns of behavior and the resulting communications and actions that are taken or ignored. An organization’s culture is deep and complex and is based on the shared assumptions and beliefs of its members. Unfortunately, these assumptions and beliefs are often subconscious and consequently overlooked as a contributing force to the work environment.

A culture will always exist in any organization. If you do not take steps to establish a positive culture, a culture will develop on its own. TPOD helps you take steps to control your practice’s culture rather than allowing it to control your work environment. Through focused leadership training, we help you identify clearly defined targets, results and outcomes that define your culture. We educate and train each staff member in the organization so that each team member fully understands and adopts the organization’s vision for moving forward. We also help you establish accountability for your team so that each member focuses on achieving results instead of just maintaining a job.

Peak performing organizations attain goals through embracing change. Successful cultures work toward developing new mindsets, new ways of doing business, new structures, new strategies, new values and a new vision. The new vision must involve the actual future map for the practice, as well as focus on new possibilities.

Peak performing organizations are dynamic. They strive to discover unsuspected problems, tap unrealized potential, and build a team through open collaboration of all team members. Organizations that are and will remain leaders in today’s changing marketplace constantly focus on the human dimension of all relationships, both internally with their team members and externally with their clients.

  • Does your present culture really inspire teamwork?
  • Does your organization attract and retain quality employees?
  • Does your existing culture promote problem solving, creative thinking, accountability, cooperation and learning among all departments?
  • Are your present business management systems insulated against pessimistic thinking and/or negative behavior patterns?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, please call us for your complimentary 30 minute coaching call.