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Success Breakthrough

Dear friends at Practice of Distinction,

I am very grateful to have stumbled into your path. I was searching for some help with my hygiene team and had a long conversation with a lady named Vickie. This conversation opened my eyes to understand that problems are not resolved with approaching only one problem, but more like problems in certain areas are the result of a conglomeration of obstacles in different areas and that a team needs to work together in order to resolve them. But as a stubborn and cheap dentist that I am, I needed more info and time to digest all of the new ideas. Then I met with Gary and that is when I understood that I needed help in all areas of my old/new practice.

I bought a very busy practice that was focus on dentistry and dentistry only. (No manager, no pt coordinators, no website, no digital, no computers in the ops, no protocols, no paperwork, no need for change.) Unfortunately in the past 10 years dentistry has gone into a big transformation and there was no easy way for me to transmit this message to a very sensitive group of staff members that I inherited with the practice. But the more I spoke to the Practice of Distinction team; I knew that they were the appropriate ones to help me with communication and transformation.

Practice of Distinction brought so much to our practice, so much, that I am sure my words will fall short. I have to be very thankful with this team of people. During our time together we had good times, great times, bad times, we cried, danced, partied, studied, researched, you name it. For a couple of years they were a very important part of our team, and they still are. They took us by the hand and with an amazing amount of patients; they guided us, and help us, in our efforts to get better personally and professionally.

Practice of Distinction differs from others mostly because they are not there to tell you what to do, but to guide you and help you make the right decisions, they call themselves coaches, I referred to them as friends. All of their teachings are focus on personal growth and by default this teachings make your practice grow.

Again thank you for your hard work and I really hope this relationship lasts for a long time to come.


– Your friend, Francisco Mesa DDS.

“It is my pleasure to recommend (The Practice of Distinction). This is a very knowledgeable team, dedicated to helping those of us in dentistry make our practices better and more enjoyable. I have been working with them since April, 1993 and I am consistently reaching the goals and desired results I have set for my practice. Their contributions and advice have made my investment truly worthwhile.”

– Charles B. Jones, D. M.D.

“I’ve been to a number of management programs and seminars throughout my 30+ dental career, and this team [(The Practice of Distinction)] is unlike all the others — this is truly a Class Act!”
– Dr. David Dvorak

“I have a great team and since working with The Practice of Distinction, we are even better! We now have more referrals, more new patients, higher case acceptance, AND, work is a lot more enjoyable!”
– Dr. Mark Wilson, Metropolitan Periodontics, MPLS, MN

 “(The Training University) is a great way to get your office on track. . . these training sessions help you all work for a common goal. Your office will be a happier environment for employers, employees and patients.”

– Nikki Hahn, RDH

 “I am very impressed by the philosophy, content, presentation, and especially by the quality and enthusiasm. I’ve been an attendee or participant-presenter in practice management seminars for over 40 years- and the seminar conducted by Gary and NJ Miler is the best I have ever attended or participated in.”

– Stanley H. Karesh, D. D. S., Charleston, SC

 “We have defined our practice vision, refined our management sytems, and improved our communication skills. We learned how to help our patients achieve their health goals and know we help improve their lives. Our practice has become more profitable; we experience less stress; our patient care has improved; AND, I’ve been able to give much higher staff bonuses — consistently! The Practice of Distinction truly changes lives!”

– Gregory J. Wych, D.D.S., Columbia, SC